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For all the best Icons...

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This is the sister journal to Icon-O-Rageous on GreatestJournal.

Welcome to Icon-O-Rageous

Community Rules

There really aren't a given set of rules as much as there
are guidelines.

1. All fandoms welcome.

2. If you take icons always credit the creator unless they say you don't have to

3. If you have a request feel free to post it. It doesn't necessarily mean it
will get filled, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

4. When asking for requests, please limit it to two per week per member so
people have time to fill the request and aren't swamped with twenty requests
from one person.

5. Do not take icons and alter them in any way unless the creator has given you
permission. (Exceptions to this are bases that are posted since bases are meant
to be used how you please)

6. Don't bring an icon here and ask for it to be altered from the state in which
you found it. (Again, unless it is a base, but you should still credit where the
base came from)

7. Unless specified by the member, we will assume any bases posted are fair for
taking and adding any design/text you wish to it. Credit should still be given
for the base though.

8. If you post an icon you created using someone elses template, please credit
the template creator in your post. (I.E. template for #4 was made by < lj user
"insert username here" > )

9. Icons posted should be of your creation only, not icons you've taken from
elsewhere. Unless that person has said share. In which case we expect credit for
that icon to go to the creator as well.

10. If you are posting icons in this community, we expect that you will post
your work. Not tease with one icon and redirect elsewhere for the other icons.

11. No unnecessary promoting. If you're posting as a cross-post that's fine, but
we ask that you don't post something along the lines of "To see my icons go
here." Posts of this nature will be deleted.

12. No flaming other members creations or the members themselves. It will not be

13. We reserve the right to remove any posts that don't comply with these rules
without notice.

Posting Rules

1. All non-work safe items (I.E. slash, sexual content,
etc..) need to be behind a cut with a small description in the tag. If you're
uncertain about the content just cut it anyways. :)

2. If you are posting more than four icons at a time please post one as a teaser
and put the rest behind a cut.

3.  If you use someone else's template on the icons you are posting, always
credit the template maker unless they've specifically said credit not required.


1. How do I properly credit someone when I decide to use
one of their icons and they specify that credit is required?

Simple, when you upload your icon to GJ or LJ and you put in your description of
the icon in the box, all you have to add is by username or [username] somewhere
in your keywords.

2.  What are the small fonts used on icons and where can I get them?

Some of the small fonts used are:

Most of those fonts can be found at Da-Font or you can put the name in google and it will locate a site where you can download.

3.  Can I link to Iconorageous?

Yes you can.  You can include this button on your userinfo page or on your
website. Save the button and upload to your own server, linking back to: